Acoustic comfort
and decoration

Technical specifications

Tempo, hear the technical expertise


TEMPO lowers the reverberation time (Tr) of the room it is set up in, thanks to its strong sound absorption across the whole frequency spectrum.
This acoustic performance is expressed in alpha sabine (sound absorption coefficient) depending on the frequency, and a αw coefficient specific to the product (αw = 1 is 100% absorbing).
TEMPO has a CSTB acoustic certification of αw = 1

Following specifications, shapes, dimensions, colours and fixing systems are all adjustable for TEMPO products. Thanks to its performance and expertise, TEMPO can build trustful relationships with its partners, be they architects, interior designers, acousticians, economists…

All components come from within the European Union
TEMPO products are designed and fabricated on our production site in Maine-et-Loire (49, France).
Euroclasse Bs2d0

TEMPO products are consistent with the European Union regulatory requirements in terms of reaction to fire performance.

Each component is marked A+ upon the construction’s products regulation for indoor coverings