Acoustic comfort
and decoration

Tempo products,
improve acoustics and style

Designed and made in France

Tempo by Digitex, hear the technical expertise

With the three ranges of products, TEMPO offers a custom-made and aesthetic solution. Designed and manufactured in our workshop based in the west of France, TEMPO acoustic products combine technique and elegance to set up any type of space, whatever the requirements.

Tempo Panels

TEMPO panels can be installed to walls or ceilings without any support deterioration and without disturbing occupied premises.


Tempo Mobile

In addition to its contribution to acoustic comfort, TEMPO Mobile personalises any space with its flexibility and harmonious integration into existing layouts giving it a real aesthetic dimension.


Tempo Wall

TEMPO Wall covers all or parts of the walls and ceilings. It provides excellent acoustic comfort as well as customised atmospheres thanks to a large choice of colors with four different coverings and digital printing options.


Acoustic comfort
High sound absorption qualities tested in certified labs.
All shapes and forms, custom-built solutions.
Several fast and simple installation systems for any type of layout.
Modern finishes for personalized spaces.