Acoustic comfort
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Project of the Month #30



The communication agency WELLCOM decided to bring together their 120 employees on the same site.
They have moved from offices in two multi-storey Haussmann-style buildings to a modern 1,700 m² workplace designed with TEMPO Inspiration modular partitions.


“Employees feared that : “all together in such a large space, it’s going to be very noisy!” To make sure they would feel comfortable it seemed clear to us that the acoustic treatment of the room had to be taken into consideration and we decided to use acoustic partitions for sound absorption.
Workspace are arranged around walkways covered with thick carpeting, they are not fixed and can be re arranged in the future.
We wanted to create a harmonious balance in the space and keep it evolving, hence the idea of modular screens that separate without enclosing.
We found our inspiration in the desire for nature and serenity. We also wanted to bring roundness, vegetal and softness.
Having found nothing that met all these criteria, we designed our ideal partitions.
Level Up selected TEMPO, a supplier capable of manufacturing them to custom-made specifications within the given budget.
The colours were chosen from the colour charts in soft, muted shades to match the selected carpet.
I really like the result which evokes landscape outlines, the roundness of mountains, the canopy of a forest.”

Anne Portheault
Creative Director


“This has been a significant project for us. It forced us to reinvent a new way of working.
This work was carried out during the first lockdown. Still we could meet the deadline, set in June for our client’s relocation in the summer. A demonstration of collective intelligence!
The architect came up with very innovative idea for partitions quite different from the conventional office design codes. These shapes and the combination of colours on different sides were something new. We were in charge of the project management and we brought all our expertise to make her brand new vision a reality.
For this, we were able to rely on TEMPO, a trusted partner for custom-made acoustic projects. The prices are competitive, the business relationship is pleasant and their professionalism suits us.
After several discussions the overall dimensions of the three types of panels were given to us so that our carpenter could adapt and build the designed bases.
At delivery, the modular concept of the system required several trials before the right place for the right combinations could be found.
We can say that our client WELLCOM is satisfied, as they have already forwarded us new contacts who have office projects.”

Olivier HOVART, Managing Director / associate
Fabrice JUGAIN, Chargé de Projets / associé
Level Up – Positive workspace


  • TEMPO Inspiration, panels with rounded corner 440 x 1330 x 1140 x 50, 940 x 1330 x 1990 x 50 and 1140 x 1900 x 1140 x 50,
  • Sides of differents colours : «LA» Maille 3D Souris 007 / «LE» Flammé 30, «LA» Maille 3D Taupe 226 / «LE» Flammé 68, «LE» Flammé 05
  • Mounted in custom-made wooden racks


Design: Rouge Ardoise, architecture agency,
Project manager and installation : Level Up,workspace planners,

Photo credit : Level Up, Photographies Briag Courteaux, studio kaito, WELLCOM and Rouge Ardoise



Acoustic comfort
High sound absorption qualities tested in certified labs.
All shapes and forms, custom-built solutions.
Several fast and simple installation systems for any type of layout.
Modern finishes for personalized spaces.