Acoustic comfort
and decoration

Project of the Month #28



New Whoorks flex office, opened by Legendre XP in Nantes, stands out for its décor that borrows to the imagery of the “Machines de l’île”, the “Royal de Luxe” and the circus arts.


“Thanks to all custom-made acoustic elements, our premises stand out for aesthetics.
We have chosen to keep the technical ceiling for aesthetics and to emphasize the visual impression of volume by dark colour.
This choice made an acoustic treatement other than a false ceiling essential. Indeed, echo effects are quite noticeable in areas where there are no TEMPO panels.”
Whoorks Nantes centre manager


“As this operation had to be carried out within a short period of time, we deeply worked on the prescription with the project manager. As the main purpose was to optimise both procurement and installation times, we decided to standardise the whole specifications in a single product that meets our expectations: TEMPO.
Forms being many and varied, with strong technical requirements while maintaining the expected sound absorption performance, DIGITEX was able to meet all our expectations with reactivity and reliability, both during quotation and construction phase.
Our partnership with this company has been consolidated thanks to its commitment, its imagination, its proximity and the quality of its products.”
Etienne MARTIN
Business Manager at Langlois Sobreti


“Thanks to these products, we succeeded in balancing designers’ thoughts, schedule and budget! We didn’t have to choose between technique and decoration, of which panels are an essential part. The result really reflects original 3D and the acoustic effect is there.
Another advantage that we discovered during installation is their fixing system. Easy of handling and very fine settings will make it easy to operate in allowing access to the air conditioners.
When we had to add panels in the restaurant area, we have chosen to be more discret and easily found the right covering thanks to wide choice of their colour chart.”
Jean-Pierre WINTER
Perspectives Agencement



  • TEMPO Inspiration, stars 1235 x 1300 x 50 mm, «LA» Toile Crème 220, suspended 3 cables
  • TEMPO Inspiration, discs ø2000 mm, «LA» Toile Crème 220, suspended 3 cables
  • TEMPO Inspiration, ring ø int 1300 / ø ext 3300mm,  «LA» Toile Blanc 210, suspended 4 cables
  • TEMPO Panneaux, discs 800 mm, «LA» Toile Blanc 210, suspended 3 cables


Design : épatant, scenography studio,
Project manager: Jean-Pierre Winter, Perpectives Agencement,
Installation: Langlois Sobreti,



Acoustic comfort
High sound absorption qualities tested in certified labs.
All shapes and forms, custom-built solutions.
Several fast and simple installation systems for any type of layout.
Modern finishes for personalized spaces.