Acoustic comfort
and decoration

Project of the Month #22



It took 5 months to change the Hotel Akwabo into an Ibis Style Hotel. To achieve this and join the Hotel brand it was essential that they had their own visual identity.
The new owners appointed Vincent Honvault of the Agency CAD in Toulouse to perform this transformation. Pictures of la Loire inspired the designer and blue colour became the main theme that can be found likewise in bedrooms and in reception rooms.
In the large and very resonant dining room acoustics serve decoration, sometimes in a bright way, sometimes in a more unobtrusive way.


«A big reorganisation job had to be done . Acoustics had already been a concern before due to the hard materials the rooms were made of. I chose TEMPO as I had been presented with the products by their local sales representative.

I brought a new identity based on the original design and a vertical rhythm that can repeatedly be found on the breakfast cabinet, wooden standing partitions and on acoustic wall panels.

I had in mind a big succession of narrow panels but TEMPO helped and lowered the cost by suggesting larger elements. The striped-pattern effect is achieved by the TEMPO Mix option which can combine several colours on one panel.

Elsewhere acoustic panels give structure to the space and relief to the ceiling.

Suspension technique allows to adapt easily to the constraints and leave space in the plenum for example for pipes.»

Vincent HONVAULT, Interior designer, Agence CAD (31)


«I am glad that, with their striped panels, TEMPO could make our architect’s idea a reality. They bring character to the room and do change acoustics.

I am very sensitive about acoustics because it can quickly be a pain in the neck to talk with people sitting next to me in a noisy atmosphere. It was an important point for me during the job.

TEMPO panels have an undeniable effect. Acoustics are now much more comfortable in the restaurant. You feel good in there. So said all of our regular clients when they discover the restaurant transformed.»

Marie-Danièle BAALOUCH, Owner of Hotel Ibis Styles Ancenis / Restaurant Akwaba


«Installing was quite easy. It took us less than a week to put all the 20 wall panels. We had to put them very precisely in order to have a nice alignement.

We were also recommended the architect’s choice of TEMPO by our seller of materials who assured us that quality was there.

This product is good for me and I will most certainly recommend it to other clients.»

Mickaël TERRIEN, SARL Terrien Platrerie, (49)



  • TEMPO Mix, set of panels 1116 x 1400 x 50 mm,
  • TEMPO Panels 300 x 1810 x 50 mm, 605 x 1210 x 50 mm, 1210 x 1210 x 50mm et 1210 x 1810 x 50 mm,
  • « LE » Chiné 42, 38 ,25 and these 3 references associated seamless,
  • Screw mounted to wall and suspended by 4 cables.



Design : Agence CAD
Installation : SARL Terrien Plâtrerie













Acoustic comfort
High sound absorption qualities tested in certified labs.
All shapes and forms, custom-built solutions.
Several fast and simple installation systems for any type of layout.
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